Let’s Help thanks TEDIS Ukraine

23 Nov

Dopomahayemo.Peremahayemo coordination center for free delivery of humanitarian aid launched by TEDIS Ukraine has received a letter of thanks from the Let’s Help Foundation, its first regular consumer of logistics services.

“Thanks to the consistent and dedicated work of the Dopomahayemo.Peremahayemo Coordination Center, over 4,000 lonely seniors have benefitted from the much-needed help at these dire times,” the letter reads.

The foundation emphasizes: “As part our cooperation, the company delivered about 60 humanitarian convoys to Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Cherkasy, and Chernihiv oblasts and kept food, hygiene kits, water, and generators for free in their warehouses from April to November 2022.”

The Foundation is set to continue cooperation with the Dopomahayemo.Peremahayemo in the area of logistics and charity: “We are grateful to all staff members of TEDIS Ukraine and are looking forward to our further cooperation!”.