Irina Ivasyuk performed at the GET Business Festival 2021

15 Jul

Iryna Ivasyuk on the transformation of HR processes in TEDIS Ukraine

On July 14, Iryna Ivasyuk, Director of the Human Resources Department of TEDIS Ukraine, spoke at the GET Business Festival 2021. She spoke about how the transformation of HR processes in the company has gone over the past year and a half.

“Working in a pandemic set new challenges for business: it was necessary to quickly restructure key processes taking into account the increased requirements for the safety and health of employees, gain a competitive advantage through effective management and achieve business performance. A few years ago, we began to digitalize many areas of work – search, selection, adaptation, training and development of employees. Therefore, we were well prepared for the transition to online work. A lot of programs have been introduced, which are supported on a systematic basis and are constantly being improved by us, ”stressed Iryna Ivasyuk.

As the director of the TEDIS Ukraine Human Resources Department notes, the most important factor for the company is concern for its employees, when the company creates conditions for success. Psychological support and wellbeing programs are considered. According to a survey conducted at the company this year, 82% of employees were satisfied with their emotional state, and the level of engagement and job satisfaction was 81%. In personnel management, work on the development of the soft skills of employees also remains significant, and, of course, communications and feedback play an important role.