How to create a culture of innovation and optimize business processes

19 May

Innovation as part of DNA: the experience of TEDIS Ukraine

Since the founding of the company in 2011, we have made the decision to pay special attention to the development of leadership and innovation. It is leaders at all levels that create a climate in the company that motivates employees not only to achieve results, but also to search for new ideas and solutions. Our employees have been and remain the main generator of innovations, regardless of their position.

A key step in the development of future leaders at TEDIS Ukraine was the opening of the School of Effective Management and Leadership “SHMEL” in 2011. The best managers of our company are trained in it.

The past year has become a great challenge for all of us. Innovation has ceased to be just a trend in business; it has become a vital necessity. Therefore, the School of Effective Management and Leadership, having reached a qualitatively new level, was transformed into “SHMEL-2”. The main idea of ​​the updated project is the development of an innovative culture in the company through the systematic involvement of participants in innovative work, namely: the search for bottlenecks, key factors, the development of approaches to eliminate them and their subsequent implementation.

The company also supports innovative projects based on internal cooperation between representatives of all functional areas. The Innovation Club is successfully operating at TEDIS Ukraine, which brought together employees from the internal talent pool, striving to improve business processes. The club helps those colleagues who have submitted their work for the start-up competition in the company in preparing innovative ideas. And this is another important direction in the formation of an innovative culture in TEDIS Ukraine. The START UP competition is a search for leaders who can improve business processes and offer radically new ideas. During the competition in 2020, employees submitted about 40 projects.

How it works? Ideas are evaluated by the company’s employees, who decide on the value and relevance of each of them. Then the idea is worked out together with an expert and defended at a meeting of the Innovation Club. And only after that we can recognize the idea as an innovation and start implementing it.

Thanks to the work of the Innovation Club, we have successfully implemented several projects that have increased the operational efficiency of the company. For example, changing the format of waybills reduced the daily number of printed forms from 350 to 32, which saved more than 80 thousand sheets of paper per year. Already this year, several ideas have been recognized as innovations, pilot launches have been carried out and are being prepared for implementation in the company.

What’s next? In April 2021, a new training program, Innovative Ways, was launched for line managers of the TEDIS Ukraine head office. Here employees receive and systematize knowledge in the field of management and innovation. Also, in the course of training, they develop and improve business processes, in other words, make their work easier and more efficient, without leaving the “desk”.

We continue the project “SHMEL-2” and the START UP competition. There are many creative employees in our company who strive not only to achieve high results in their work, but also to improve the business processes of the company, ensuring its success and prosperity.

Innovation made easy! One has only to look at familiar things from a different angle.