Remote support for employees under quarantine

08 May

How the quarantine regime changed work at TEDIS Ukraine. Irina Ivasiuk for

The situation in which we all found ourselves could not but affect our company. The company TEDIS Ukraine distributes throughout Ukraine and has about 2,500 employees. In the context of the declared pandemic and quarantine, it is impossible to remain an outside observer.

For our company, its employees are the greatest value, it is they who personify its driving force. Of course, in order to maintain the health of employees and our partners, we had to reformat our activities.

We created a working committee in TEDIS Ukraine, which included the company’s management, its main task was to develop and implement preventive actions to prevent virus infection, as well as ensuring effective business management during a pandemic. An action plan was developed to preserve and protect existing resources, attract additional resources, and a detailed list of actions to ensure the smooth operation of structural units throughout Ukraine.

Among the urgent solutions and immediate implementations were, for example, the following:

✅ transition of employees not involved in direct contact with partners to remote work;

✅ for employees who interact directly with our partners, a shuttle is organized to the place of work;

✅ organized provision of personal protective equipment for employees (antiseptic agents, rubber gloves, protective masks;

Предупреждения To prevent diseases, quartz lamps and non-contact thermometers were purchased, disinfection was carried out in the premises;

✅ an action plan has been developed in case one of the employees becomes infected.

At the beginning of quarantine, we conducted an online lecture for all employees of the company with a question and answer session with a leading expert on coronavirus, truth and myths, and how to protect ourselves and our family. We constantly carry out communications, do weekly newsletters on security measures from COVID-19, and useful life hacks during a pandemic.

Every day we monitor the well-being of workers who, due to the specifics of their work, cannot be switched to remote work mode. We carry out additional cleaning of all rooms, periodic quartzing, purchased disinfectant mats, equipment for air disinfection – ionizers, humidifiers, recirculators. We provided employees of regional structural divisions with personal protective equipment: antiseptics, masks, gloves. The category of drivers and forwarders, sales representatives is especially vulnerable – for them we additionally provide protective suits, respirators of the FFP3 class, safety glasses. The company provides transportation of workers.

There are many initiatives, and for implementation in a large-scale campaign, they require a high level of organization and resources. One of the benefits provided to our employees is voluntary medical insurance, which indicates that the company is not only now, but constantly takes care of the health of its staff.

It is also very important for us to ensure a continuous communication process. Leaders, top management are in constant communication with subordinates, and besides solving work issues, they are also interested in personal challenges and challenges, they cheer up, provide support, because we are people and we need lively communication and emotions. We work in a corporate on-line communicator – Microsoft Teams, this is an excellent platform not only for conducting video meetings, but also an excellent tool for team building. On a systematic basis, the General Director of the company Taras Korniyachenko holds on-line meetings with all the heads of regional structural divisions, at which he answers all of the most exciting questions.

The Director General personally through a video message congratulated all employees on Easter and noted the need to protect themselves and their loved ones during a pandemic, and not to neglect the rules of behavior during quarantine. We have received very positive feedback. Therefore, we plan to continue the practice of such communications in the future.

In order to study the psychological climate in the company, a survey was conducted where we were interested in how employees feel when working from home, how satisfied they are with this format, and received data on the emotional state of workers in connection with quarantine circumstances. About 75% of workers who provided us with valuable feedback took part in the survey. Although workers are worried about the health of family members, the vast majority feel quite comfortable in the new environment. Most respondents adhere to their usual working hours and believe that their labor productivity has remained at the same level. Workers noted that in the new conditions they can take a break from crowding in transport and have more time for their families. We hear everyone appreciate and work towards providing more information and practical advice on how to take care and protect mental health.

I also want to say about the development of employees. One of the corporate values ​​of our company is the value of development. We have never, under any circumstances, stopped and do not stop the process of training and development of our employees. We respond very quickly to changes that occur. Despite all the difficulties that occur not only here, but throughout the world, it is important not to forget about training and development. We understand how important it is to get out of the crisis with others – stronger, ready for any surprises and opportunities. And therefore, we launched an on-line training project so that employees can develop their potential and realize opportunities in these conditions. Our internal trainers for training all the trainings that were held for the heads of structural units, the trading team in the off-line system, translated into a webinar format.

The training for employees of the internal personnel reserve does not stop. They are trained in the “Career Development Center” in the distance learning system. External training and corporate English in on-line format are also provided. We systematically inform employees that they have the opportunity to participate in online seminars and other training events of external providers. We replenish business with our electronic corporate library.

Using electronic content on the training portal, which we are constantly expanding, our employees have the opportunity to gain new knowledge, read various books, corporate magazines and news and not experience a lack of information during the period of remote work.

Irina Ivasiuk, Director of the Human Resources Department of TEDIS Ukraine