TEDIS Ukraine is the official partner of the industry conference “DistributionMaster-2021: New Reality – Challenges and Solutions”

23 Sep

TEDIS Ukraine has become an official partner of the annual conference “DistributionMaster-2021: New Reality – Challenges and Solutions”, which will take place on October 29 in Kyiv. This is the only specialized meeting of distribution professionals, FMCG manufacturers and retailers in Ukraine.

The speaker of TEDIS Ukraine will share with the conference participants his expertise in building an effective model of distribution on a national scale, covering 32 regions of the country.

It will be recalled that the TEDIS Ukraine business model as a distributor provides guarantees to manufacturers – both in terms of quality, coverage of sales channels, and payment. In addition, the company is able to bring a new product to any major city within a few days after shipment by the manufacturer. Today, TEDIS Ukraine supplies FMCG products to 45,000 retail outlets across the country.