TEDIS_in_Faces: Victor Pyrog

19 Nov

New hero of the column #TEDIS_in_Faces Victor Pyrog, senior sales manager of Khmelnytsky RSP

“My sister advised me to get a job and try my hand at TEDIS Ukraine, because it is a well-known company on the market. In September 2017, my career began as a substitute sales representative, then I was promoted to a sales representative, later I became a senior sales representative and step by step I currently hold the position of Senior Sales Manager. As the result shows, I have the strength and ambition, “said Victor.

Our colleague notes that each of these professions has its own characteristics.

“For example, in the work of a senior sales representative, what I liked most was getting to know a new territory, acquiring life skills and new acquaintances. This is a strategically important employee for the company. Thanks to senior colleagues, any sales representative can trust their territory in safe hands. But the senior sales manager, this is another area of ​​responsibility and responsibility is the development of their colleagues, sales control, teaching structure, reporting to the sales department, control, support of business relations with customers, development of the territory, contract work, field assessments trade. Of course, the quarantine has made its adjustments, because in addition to masks, antiseptics and gloves, we now accept a large number of orders over the phone, “says Victor.

According to him, a day, on the route he has from 25 to 32 customers. The city can be driven from 30 to 50 km.

“Regardless of whether I work or a day off, I set goals for the day, sometimes I forget that it is Saturday and a day off and you can take a break from work. In three years, a kind of “professional habit” has even formed, when I order a cup of coffee in a new place, I suggest the barista to order a block of lighters. Sales are in DNA. ”

Victor notes. That every working day is different and not like the other.

“Thanks to the friendly composition of our team, we always have fun and interesting. In addition to work, there is even a very good tradition. Together with the guys from the sales team and the head of our regional structural unit Valery Dzyadz on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we play volleyball, and on weekends we go to football. I am glad that we have not only official purely working relations at work, but also a team of comrades and like-minded people, ”says Viktor.