TEDIS Ukraine received gratitude from the house “Vitania”

02 Nov

Quarantine is not a reason to forget about helping people who need it.

In one of the nursing homes in the Lviv region, due to the worldwide pandemic, any visits to the elderly are prohibited. However, our employees, observing all security measures, handed over essential goods to the Vitania Care Home. It has been operating in the Lviv region since 2002.

Now, through the strictest quarantine, 10 elderly seriously ill people live in the house, and two sisters provide round-the-clock care for grandparents.

Thank you to the Congregation of Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent for their kind heart and daily work.

“And again a post of gratitude !!!

This is not the first time I am convinced that if there is a desire and intentions, then a way will come! We are sincerely grateful to our benefactors and sponsors who are constantly involved in supporting hospices and nursing homes!

And today it is again about TEDIS Ukraine! A cool company, one of the leaders in the market, which provides quality services to its customers in the field of transportation and logistics, and also constantly cares about the well-being of low-income and needy people!

Thanks to the company and their employees, Olga Melnychuk has once again provided the necessary hygiene products to one of Lviv’s Homes for the elderly, which is run by the sisters of mercy of St. Vincent! Despite the quarantine, despite the crisis, people’s hearts are open to help! Together, we are all a great force.

May God grant you prosperity and success TEDIS Ukraine! # Postthanks “