TEDIS_in_personals: Ivanna Duda

11 Nov

From today our new column #TEDIS_in_Faces will start. The first heroine was Ivanna Duda, head of the operational and cash department of the Lviv regional structural unit.

It is the employees who create every day, step by step, our company, which TEDIS Ukraine has today. In the TEDIS_in_Faces section, we will introduce you to different people, professions and success stories of our employees.

The first heroine was Ivanna Duda, head of the operational and cash department of the Lviv regional structural unit.

“My career at TEDIS Ukraine began in 2011, when everything was just beginning. When I came here, I got a job as a cashier. After three months in this position, I was offered the position of senior cashier, and I agreed without hesitation. Then I realized: it is in this company that I have a unique opportunity to learn something new and grow professionally. Of course, the level of responsibility in the new position has grown, work has increased. But I’m not scared! I am a very active and persistent person. Since childhood, I have taken an active part in various activities and have many diplomas and awards. I am not afraid of difficulties along the way and will always find a way out of a difficult situation. My motto in life: “Who, if not me?”

In June 2017, Ivan was offered the position of senior computer operator. “It was another challenge for me: I came to the office with fear, wondering if I would be able to quickly join the work process. Having not yet fully mastered the work of the senior OKN, in July 2017 I began to perform the duties of the NOCV. It was quite a difficult test and instructive period, which made me stronger and more resilient. ”

And again in June, but already in 2019, Ivanna climbed the career ladder by another step and now holds the position of head of the cash register. “I had no management experience, but I had a wonderful mentor – the head of our regional division, Viktor Melnik. He is a real professional who teaches and supports me in everything, for which I am very grateful to him. I understood the main thing – a leader must be a leader and an example for his team. The success of the department and the efficiency of the team’s work depend on it. He must be stress-resistant, emotionally balanced and skillfully allocate time. Now I am actively working on myself and studying. ”

“To be successful in any business, you need determination, perseverance, courage, the ability to use the strengths of your own character and not be afraid to take risks. Then there is a kind of inner cheerfulness and enthusiasm, self-esteem grows, a sense of strength and opportunity. To grow professionally, you should constantly learn new things, learn to properly distribute your energy and time, set goals and work on their implementation. And no less important factor of success in work is a team. When there is mutual support and respect in the team, it is even more stimulating to reach new heights. I love my job very much and I am glad that I work together with extremely talented, professional and smart specialists. “