Valentina Dyachuk, TEDIS fund director about corporate culture of a Ukrainian company

01 Mar

Before joining TEDIS, CFO Valentina Dyachuk worked at international companies for twenty years.

The company in 2014-2015 invested more than 100 million UAH in its own IT-development. What were these decisions and how did they affect the enterprise economy?

In 2015, TEDIS Ukraine introduced SAP. If you compare SAP with the 1C program, then, of course, this is a more transparent and understandable program in which nothing can be changed, all processes are tied to the separation of duties, that is, one person cannot release the goods and add the price. For all processes to work, the company decided to invest in the SAP program, which, according to our data, is more effective than 1C.

Many experts call the tobacco segment one of the most disciplined taxpayers. How do you manage to maintain such financial discipline?

We consider tax payment an important social function. We are one of the budget-forming enterprises in a number of regions of Ukraine. From 2015 to 2019, the company paid more than UAH 7 billion in taxes. If we are talking about the cost of a pack of cigarettes, then in it the cost price is only 20%, the remaining 80% are taxes that are paid to the country’s budget.

Ukraine is in the global trend of reducing tobacco consumption. What have you been doing to improve operational efficiency?

The tobacco market in Ukraine is falling in volume. According to our estimates, this year this decline will be 9%. Even if we are growing in monetary terms, it is solely due to annual tax increases. What to do with declining volumes and the fact that the company really does not receive revenue? As a distributor, I can tell you for sure that no operating expenses and savings can cover the amount that you lose. We want to become a distributor in other areas, because no other company in Ukraine has such a distribution business as TEDIS.

The name TEDIS stands for Total (full coverage of the country), Efficiency (efficiency), Distribution (distribution), Innovation (innovativeness), Service (service). Comment on how each of these criteria is implemented in the company?

TEDIS is an amazing company. I came to TEDIS from corporate business and worked here for 20 years. This is my first Ukrainian company. Of course, I read a lot about her, but what I saw struck me. Our company has a special corporate culture. This is the culture of the Ukrainian company. Because it is one thing when American or English culture descends to you, and quite another when you have your own internal culture, like TEDIS. It is very important.

The company was created taking into account the efficiency of processes. To be a distributor and not to be effective is impossible to survive in such conditions. If we talk about innovation, when I came here, my workplace was practically no different from the workplace in MSD or KimberlyClarck. These are new computers, desktops, perfect systems. If we are not innovative, we will lose. At the same time, we still have room to grow.

What is important to remember CFO when he works in a distribution company? What are the mission and values ​​of the company and how do they condition the work of the finance department?

I have already mentioned the culture of the company and the mission as a whole. Yes, they are, and they are cultivated. Employees are our main value. What culture do I profess as CFO? I think that nothing is more important than a team. And the highest achievement in my life is the development of the team and when your subordinates whom you have grown outgrow you. For me, the most important thing in work is that the team is motivated, so that everyone’s eyes burn.